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Georgia Code

Law pertaining to the Pension Fund.

47-7-1  |  Definitions

47-7-2  |  Purpose of fund; legislative intent

47-7-20  |  Membership of the board; manner of election; compensation and expenses

47-7-21  |  Creation of the office of executive director of the board

47-7-22  |  Legal adviser to the board

47-7-23  |  Powers and duties of the board generally

47-7-24  |  Power of the board to accept and use any gift, grant, or bequest

47-7-25  |  Annual audit of the fund

47-7-26  |  Power of board to determine eligibility for membership or retirement

47-7-27  |  Power of board to grant retirement benefit increases

47-7-40  |  Eligibility to apply for membership

47-7-41  |  Membership in the fund

47-7-42  |  Application for membership by firemen and volunteer firemen previously not members

47-7-43  |  Employees of the fund

47-7-60  |  Dues required, active members; effect of failure to pay dues in a timely manner; suspended membership

47-7-61  |  Tax on premiums charged by fire insurance companies

47-7-80  |  Transfer of service credits from one fire department to another

47-7-81  |  Effect of failure of volunteer fire department to hold required drills

47-7-82  |  Fire department employees other than firefighters or volunteer firefighters

47-7-83  |  Service credit of member who is also member of Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund

47-7-84  |  Credit for prior eligible service by persons who are members as of September 1, 1992

47-7-85  |  Credit for prior eligible service by persons who are members as of July 1, 1998

47-7-86  |  Creditable service for other pension fund participation for members of Georgia Class Nine

47-7-87  |  Prior eligible service’ defined; requirements

47-7-88  |  Impact of active duty military service upon receipt of creditable service time

47-7-89  |  Calculating creditable service time

47-7-90  |  Impact of sentence of confinement on accrual of creditable service

47-7-100  |  Benefits

47-7-101  |  Eligibility for retirement benefits; withdrawal of application for benefits

47-7-102  |  Eligibility for disability benefits; notice of injury

47-7-103  |  Payment of death benefit

47-7-104  |  Benefits payable to volunteer firefighters erroneously found to be eligible for such benefits

47-7-105  |  Refund of contributions upon withdrawal from the fund

47-7-120  |  Reduction of benefits upon determination that available moneys are insufficient

47-7-121  |  Vesting of rights to benefits

47-7-122  |  Exemption of benefits under this chapter from garnishment, attachment, or other process

47-7-123  |  Exemption of assets of the board from taxation

47-7-124  |  Disposition of funds abandoned by members separated from the service

47-7-125  |  Availability of records of local departments to board; confidentiality

47-7-126  |  Penalty for false statements or falsified records; correction of errors by the board

47-7-127  |  “Alternative investments” defined; code of ethics

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