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Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund

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Insurance Premium Tax

In accordance with the Georgia statutes, under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 47, Chapter 7, Paragraph 61, (O.C.G.A. 47-7-61), "Every fire insurance company, corporation, or association doing business within this state and writing fire, lightning, or extended coverage, inland marine or allied lines, or windstorm insurance policies covering risks located within this state shall on or before April 1 of each year file a return with and pay to the Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund a tax of 1 per cent of the amounts properly reported for the calendar year preceding the filing of such return on the Exhibit of Premiums and Losses of the Annual Statement form for property and casualty insurance companies ..."

Insurance companies should note that premium tax is assessed by the Insurance Services Rating Office (ISO) rating of the protection afforded the insured property, (1-9,) and unprotected (10,) of the fire district in which it resides. ISO ratings are assigned to fire districts by the Insurance Services Office. Supporting documentation must be attached to the tax return for data entered as (b) Class 10 (unprotected) exclusion, which discloses specifically the Annual State Line, Policy Number, and Unprotected Premiums Written, which must sum to the amount applied for a reduction to Gross Direct Premiums Written. The statutes of Georgia provide an exclusion concerning premiums written for risk in Class 10 (unprotected) locations exclusively; there are no other authorized reductions to tax assessments paid to the pension fund.

In January of each year, the Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund sends to all property and casualty and fire related insurance companies the appropriate form for filing the insurance premium tax return for the prior year's taxes due. The form is sent in duplicate. After completion, one copy is to be returned to the Fund with payment due; one copy is to be retained on file. Details of the statute and instructions for filing are printed on the reverse of the form.

Alternatively, the legal size form and instructions are available for printing or downloading in .pdf format at the link below. If using this facility, companies should be careful to include their correct NAIC Number and state of charter in the heading of the form. For further information, or if assistance is required completing the form, please contact us.

Premium Tax Return Forms