Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund

Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund

Mission Statement

The mission of the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund is to provide a supplemental pension benefit to Georgia’s firefighters and their beneficiaries through prudent stewardship of the assets held in trust.

The vision of the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund is to uphold a tradition of excellence in service, fiduciary responsibility, and accountability through a dedicated and compassionate workforce that employs progressive technology and promotes professionalism.


INTEGRITY – We will always act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.

ACCOUNTABILITY – To the firefighters of the State of Georgia, our fund members and their families for performance, dedication, and ethical practices in the administration of the Fund.

PROFESSIONALISM – We will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, demonstrated by our speech, actions and compassion.

SERVICE – We will always ensure excellent customer service in a courteous manner.

STEWARDSHIP – As stewards of the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund, we will strive to enhance and increase the value of the fund for current members and for generations to come.