Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund

Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund

Notice regarding retirement options for active firefighters

Attention all active members of the Pension Fund! If you joined the Fund prior to January, 2004 using the old forms, (or even since using the old forms, i.e. the forms without the GFPF banner on top,) then you should re-visit your surviving beneficiary option selection.

If you become deceased while still active, that is before retiring from the Fund, and you are vested, and:

  • a) you wish to leave your pension benefit entirely to your surviving spouse, you should have identified your spouse as the named beneficiary and selected "no option" or "100% Joint and Survivor",


  • b) you wish to leave a pension benefit to someone other than a legal spouse (eg. Offspring, sibling, friend) then you should have identified this person as the named beneficiary and selected "Ten Year Certain and Life."

The new form for new member applications requires the identification of a named beneficiary, but does not require the selection of a surviving option. The option is automatic if you become deceased while active, unless overridden by a previous selection. Therefore, under the old forms, the selection of other than 100% J&S Option while still active can be detrimental to your spouse if you become deceased before retiring.

When you retire, you will have, as a part of the retirement application, an opportunity to re-visit your surviving beneficiary decision relative both to who that person might be and, if appropriate, what percentage is to be allocated for benefits.

You may review your beneficiary information and selection in the "Members Area" of this web site. Beneficiary Change Forms are available on the site. Beneficiary changes must be notarized before being mailed to the Pension Fund office.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.